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SVS Face-to-Face Meetings are available for a small fee of $72 per hour billed in increments of 2 hours per session plus travel fees. This service is perfect for those clients that want help planning their event but do not know where to start and want to be pointed in the right direction.

The face-to-face meeting includes a 2 hours face-to-face meeting with our professional event planner to discuss all the details of what you want for your event. The event planner will then provide you with a check list and budget of all expected expenses. She/ He will also provide you with a professional vendor from each category. It is then up to the client to contact them, source out quotes, negotiate with the vendors and do the planning themselves.

It is clear; this is the perfect beginning process for the client that wants guidance from a professional event planner but without purchasing a full package.

Please note, this package is approximately 2 hours long so please, plan accordingly (hourly service plus travel fees apply).


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