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Every Bride needs anWedding Planner

Hello there, thank you for visiting. My name is Esther Bengio and I am a Professorial Event Planner… I wanted to talk to you about the many excuses that I hear in my business and to address that all brides-to-be needs and deserves a wedding planner plain and simple! 

I have been in the industry for some time now and I hate to see events go south because they didn't hire a professional to help plan their event. I feel every bride should have one... And, for those who didn't know, wedding planners are not just for Hollywood weddings!

Look, having a wedding planner doesn't and shouldn’t be considered “optional” or a “luxury”. We are not expensive. I hear this from brides all the time, that they do not need a wedding planner or they "think" they do not need a one.. Maybe, they have been telling themselves this for so many years that they believe it. Who knows!

Anyhow, here are just some excuses I've been given:

  1. “I’m on a tight budget.”
  2. “I want to be able to plan my own wedding.”
  3. “I have a specific vision for my wedding and I can't and don’t want to trust anyone else to do it.”
  4. “I want to design, craft, and do it myself"
  5. "I want my family; friends and siblings involve planning my wedding.”
  6. “My sister or friend, cousin, mom, etc., has done other weddings and is going to plan my wedding.”
  7. “I really can’t afford a wedding planner.”

OK, let's see, were should I start. Let's talk about “I’m on a tight budget”  excuse. First let me just say, we are all on a budget. Almost everyone I know is on a tight budget. But you know what? If you hire us to help plan your event, we can HELP you with that budget and help you stay on budget! We can pull a few strings here and there and voila we start saving you money! OK, so you might have to cut back on a few guests, expensive bridesmaids’ gifts, fancy cocktail napkins, etc. Trust me, when the curtains go down. On your wedding day, you will be thankful and grateful that you hired us.

Moving along, let’s talk about the “I want to be able to plan my own wedding” excuse. OF COURSE YOU WANT TO PLAN YOUR WEDDING! We are not here to rain on your parade! We are here to help you plan your wedding and make it a reality and leaving out the stress that comes along with it. You don't want the annoying, crazy part of the planning do you? That is what we do! We take care of all the annoying and crazy stuff leaving you to enjoy your engagement and plan the fun parts of YOUR WEDDING. 

Now, the “I have a specific vision for my wedding and I can't and don’t want to trust anyone else to do it.” If that's the case, then isn't that all the more reason to have a wedding planner? We are here to listen, understand your vision and work WITH you on it. Hiring us will only increase your chances of your dream wedding becoming a reality verses you planning it alone. You will be surprised, but we work very hard for our clients! We strive on making our clients happy and give them everything they want and dreamed of!

We know you want to "design, craft, and do it yourself". Just because you hire us as your wedding planner, it doesn't mean we are going to take that from you. In the contrary, we might already have tips, tricks and even vendors who can save you money on your crafts!

Now, let's see, your sister, or cousin, or some friend just planned their wedding and now they want to plan yours? Is that correct? Well, if the answer is yes, then this can only and should only apply if they are a professional wedding planner. And, are they also going to plan the Day-of or are they going to suggest for you to hire a professional for that day? Don't you want to ENJOY the planning experience with your family? You DO NOT want to butt-heads before the wedding, end up in bad terms or worst! She/ he don’t want to participate in your wedding day! Do you really want that to be part of your wedding memories? Look, if you have someone who just recently got married and wants to plan your wedding, why not just take their suggestions, vendors, dos and don'ts from their experience? Let me tell you, it's not fun to see them on the sidelines planning your wedding when everyone else if having fun. It will be horrible to see them on your wedding day, cleaning up, picking up stuff, dealing with messes etc. Wedding planning is not an easy job!

Okay, so you do not want a wedding planner, or you think you can't afford one, or you can't trust someone to execute your vision, right? Let me tell you something, nowadays, most to all venues will require a wedding planner or will offer you a wedding planner for the Day-of and so on. The venue planners are really there for one reason and one reason only, to sell you stuff!! I referred to them as a sales rep. with a wedding planner costume. Why? Because, realistically, they will not help with appointments, stationery, creating timelines, help you with your gown while you’re getting ready, work alongside with you for last minute requests, and the list goes on and on. They are venue employees! Their job is to sell! That's the bottom line ladies. OK, so I sound a bit harsh, so I will give them a little benefit of the doubt.... Ok, so they will be there for the Day-of to care for the "minor" details BUT after the cake cutting they will be off to bed! Way before you even get that chance. So, whatever you do, please, please DO NOT CONSIDER A VENUE PLANNER as an excuse not to hire YOUR OWN wedding planner. Let us be your right hand for that day and entrust that we will do everything in our power to make you happy!

By Esther Bengio

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