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All-Inclusive Package is a full service event planning and coordination package for clients who need help planning their whole event from beginning to end. If you want someone to manage your event and be involved in every step of the planning, this is the right package for you! 

This package charges a flat fee for our event planning and coordination services (which is the most common and preferred method of billing). By billing a flat fee, there are no SURPRISES to you! Once we discuss the fee amount with the utmost transparency and honesty, we can then focus solely on making your event as great and smoothly as possible.

The event planner will attend all the initial meetings with vendors, venues, and client related to the event planning. She will be your full-time assistant to assist you in your event planning journey. The Day-of Coordination is also included in this package! Say what? Yes! You heard right! The Day-of Coordination is included in this package! Now that's a deal!

This All-Inclusive package price begins at $3,960 (price varies based on the needs of the event). This estimated fee is based on 55 hours of planning. Please add an additional $45-$65 for any additional tables to accommodate additional guests. The attendant fees will be billed separately and in addition to the listed price. The number of staff members are based on the event size. There will be an attendant assigned for every 50 guests. No exceptions.

It is obvious by the price that this package is appropriate for more elaborate events requiring extensive amount of hours to plan the event. With this package, the planner will spend approximately 55 hours (16 hours are reserved for the day-of, 2 hours for the Face-to-Face meeting, and 39 hours of planning for 3 to 6 months which ever comes first). Please note, any additional hours of planning will be billed in increments of two hours.

No matter which package you choose, please know that the event planner will determine your financial plan at your first Face-to-Face meeting and will go over the outline of the planning services included in each package. And the Face-to-Face meeting fee will be applied towards your package, if you decide to hire Sason veSimcha Kosher Events and Weddings as your event planner of choice to manage, coordinate, and plan your event from start to finish.

Please note that this package does not provide janitorial services or disassemble of decor including centerpieces and not limited to chair cover removal, cake cutting and platting, and/or any rental returns. We can offer this service to you for an additional cost (see below).

The listed price per package is for Sason veSimcha Kosher Events and Weddings services ONLY. The price listed does not reflect in any way shape or form the cost for services from outside vendors the client chooses for their event. For example, venue, decor, catering, entertainment, music, lights, et cetera.

A deposit of $200 for the client's unexpected expenses is requiring for all packages. Please know that all unused balances will be refunded 30 days after the event payable by check and mailed to the client.

SVS Return of Rental Items is in addition to the package fee, this service will return the formal wear rented clothing and items used for the event/ wedding on the first business day after the event/ wedding. The event planner will also returned any leftover cake pillars and deliver your wedding dress to the assigned wedding dress cleaners. This service is available to the client at a discounted rate of $72 per hour billed in increments of two hours.

SVS Holiday Fee will be billed at $72 per hour if your event falls on a holiday plus travel fees. 

SVS Planning Assistant's fee start at $26 per hour for every 50 guests.

SVS Linen Set-up and Disassembling of chair covers and table lines starts at $1.25 per guest.

SVS Cleanup and Breakdown Costs start at $1.25 per guest. SVS will cleanup and breakdown of table linens and plate settings.

SVS Cake cutting, platting and passing of cake starts at $1.25 per guest.

SVS Non-Refundable Retainer of $1,728 is due upon contract agreement. It is non-refundable and non-transferable after 72 hours after the contract agreement and signing. No exceptions.

SVS Pricing is subject to change depending on the event size and needs of the client.

SVS Additional Deposits are required 60 days after booking our services to cover the 50% deposit of total menu for the caterer, 50% deposit for photographer, 50% deposit of total for florist, 50% deposit for the cake vendor and all remaining balances are due 30 days prior to the scheduled event and/or when the vendor contracts request it by. No exceptions.

SVS Event Planning Requests with less than 3 months of planning will be assessed an additional fee of $100 per month which is a total of $300.00. And events with less than 6 weeks to plan will be billed a $200 rush fee.




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