Working with SVS Kosher Events and Weddings, you get first hand access to a friendly, experienced and talented staff.

Esther Bengio
Owner/ Lead Planner

Esther Bengio is a professional full-time event planner and coordinator in Southern California. She brings many years of knowledge and experience in event planning. She has performed, designed, and coordinated sophisticated, unique, fun, memorable and flawless events for many clients. She is well known for having an eye for design and a passion for planning detailed events. She is equipped with an extensive set of skills needed to direct and control any event. She calls on her corporate skills in management, planning, organization, solving skills, and her extraordinary attention to detail to make each event as unique and flawless as possible for her clients. 

What makes Esther Bengio special is that, she really makes her clients her first and top priority. She will work for them 24/7 to create the event her clients envision. She is also increasingly aware of how important the little things in life are and that is why she is truly passionate about helping, guiding and finding creative ways to create the most unique, luxurious, fun, and memorable event for her clients. She believes that any special event whether it is a wedding, baby shower or birthday, its stunning decor and smoothly ran, flawless event is really the end product of a great deal of hard work and dedication by a true event planning professional and their staff.

Esther has always had an adoration and passion for event planning. Before event planning became so famous, she was already sucked into the world of creating fantasy dream events since 2000. She ran her "MicWonders" small scale event planning business from home but it was not until she moved to Los Angeles in 2006, that she became known for her creativity and extraordinary skills in planning among the Jewish community. Her place then became a favorite gathering spot for special events, Shabbat meals and holidays. She would entertain her family, friends and guests with intricate, chic, imaginative and fun parties. Through her personal experience in planning events and after planning her own wedding, she has emphasized repeatedly to people she meets, the importance of having an efficient, knowledgable, professional and passionate wedding planner on their side when planning any event. Her passion in event planning and the importance of the service led her to take her first step as an entrepreneur and started her own wedding planning business. 

In 2008, Esther and her husband Daniel, and along with the numerous help and support of their close friends, together they launched Sason veSimcha Event Planning & Coordination which is now known as Sason veSimcha Kosher Events and Weddings. 

Esther remains in constant acknowledgement by her family, friends, and past clients for her ability to create and execute events with so much attention to detail, for her tremendous benevolent, honest and warm personality. With that said, let it be known that, Esther and her awesome team do not just create “parties” they create fun, chic, stylish, and memorable events filled with lots of joy and happiness. As Esther would say, "I believe that it is the little things that mean so much to any event. Whether it is a Birthday, Baby Shower or Wedding, it should always be fun and memorable, and the memories should last forever."      

Daniel Bengio
Operational & Production Manager/ Co-Founder 

Daniel brings so much to the company (not just his good looks). He studied and attained a Bachelor’s Degree in International Business at Cal State Northridge and also has a degree in Business Management from Santa Monica College. Daniel is also multilingual! He speaks fluent English, Spanish, French, and Hebrew (although, he studied other languages, he is only fluent in the those listed). 

He provides the company with superior time management and organizational skills. He manages the logistics of the company and the events. But most importantly, he possesses great leadership skills; he has an amazing ability to influence and coordinate the efforts of the staff to achieve the success of our flawless events. But what makes Daniel extra special to the company is that, he also has exceptional knowledge in Kashrut! 

Kashrut is a set of Jewish religious dietary laws which identifies if a food may or may not be consumed according to halakha (Jewish law) by a observant Jewish person. His knowledge in kashrut does not end there...

He has also worked as a certified mashgiach in the past for RCC and Kehillah, and has worked along side with La Gondola, Shilo’s Restaurant, Glatt Kosher Subway, Twenty Six and other kosher restaurants catering and supervising kosher events in West Los Angeles and Beverly Hills area. This knowledge and skills in kashrut allows our company to work as a liaison with caterers at events to ensure that the food service outlet(s) run smoothly, error free and remains strictly kosher for the guests.